Enrico Dorigatti is a sound artist, sound designer, and composer with a strong interest in experimental art and creative technologies


He is an IT specialised technician and holds conservatory degrees (BA and MA) in experimental electronic music composition and sound design


Currently, he holds a PhD scholarship from the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries of the University of Portsmouth, where he investigates the ecologic potential of circuit bending through sound art


His works—music, multimedia, software, and academic research—have been presented internationally


For a selection of samples of his activity, reach the samples page


  • 76 selected for DACA 2022 – Data Art for Climate Action, along with the paper A multimedia representation of the increase of global warming from 1940 to 2016
  • Xeno selected for SMC 2022 – Sound and Music Computing Conference
  • Circuit Bending and Environmental Sustainability: Current Situation and Steps Forward paper selected for NIME 2022 – New Interfaces for Musical Expression 
  • Xeno selected for ICMC 2022 – International Computer Music Conference
  • Life selected for ICMC 2022, along with the paper Automating Art: A Case-Study of Cellular Automata in Generative Multimedia Art
  • Presentation of the PhD research project Sound Art from Scrap given at the 2022 UoP CCI PGR conference (Mobilities, Movement, Movements)
  • Working on the multidisciplinary project Unpath 3.1 for the design and realisation of a gesture-controlled prototype of museum installation for the Mary Rose Museum Hackaton Week
  • Morphogenesis (experimental electronic music, stereo)
  • Xeno selected for the 10° ACM SIGPLAN International Workshop on Functional Art, Music, Modeling and Design (FARM), within the ICFP – International Conference on Functional Programming
  • Cryoconite (experimental electronic music, stereo)
  • Xeno selected for the SOUND/IMAGE 22 festival
  • Quantum selected for the SOUND/IMAGE 22 festival
  • Honorable mention for the sound design realised for the Spectravelers Sound Design Contest 2021
  • Xeno selected for the 22° edition of ISMIR – International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference
  • Xeno selected for the 15° edition of CMMR – International Symposium on Computer Music Multidisciplinary Research
  • Live performance for a site-specific videomapping @ ART Stays Festival, Ptuj, Slovenia (artistic residency)
  • Sound design and composition for Molvius, a short film projected on a water screen
  • Dante, La Commedia, interactive touchless A/V installation (interaction design and implementation) @ Palazzo Casali, Cortona
  • Interactive touchless A/V installation (interaction design and implementation) @ Valdichiana Village
  • Luci dalle tenebre, interactive touchless A/V installation (interaction design and implementation, sound design, composition) @ MAEC Cortona
  • Xeno selected for the 50° Sehsüchte Festival
  • Xeno selected for the 26° edition of ICAD – International Conference on Auditory Display, along with the paper A new perspective over audio-video relationship in multimedia art: a case-study
  • Quantum selected for NYCEMF 2021 – New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival
  • 76 (data-driven multimedia, HD images and stereo sound)
  • Xeno selected for NYCEMF 2020 – New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival
  • Sound design and composition for Molvius, a short film projected on a water screen
  • Xeno selected for SIIDS 2020 – Sound, Image and Interaction Design Symposium
  • Rituale (experimental electronic music, stereo)
  • Quantum (experimental electronic music, stereo)
  • Plastiq (experimental electronic music, 4.1)
  • Notte (instrumental music, for Piano and Karnyx)
  • URALi selected for the scientific program of the XVI SMC – Sound and Music Computing conference and presented with the paper URALi: a proposal of approach to real-time audio synthesis in Unity
  • Recording, editing, mixing and mastering of the CD The Karnyx of Sanzeno – The call, produced by F. A. Bonporti Conservatory. Notte was included in this CD
  • Night (mixed music, for Piano, Contralto and Live Electronics)
  • Performance of Plastiq @ ElettroAQustica 2019
  • Performance of Notte @ Il Karnyx di Sanzeno (conference)
  • Performance of Plastiq @ XX Mondi Sonori
  • Realization of Videowhirl, an interactive, multimedia videomapping installation @ XX Mondi Sonori
  • Xeno (multimedia, HD images and stereo sound)
  • Realization of URALI – Unity Real-time audio library, a software library designed to provide to Unity programmers a set of functionalities dedicated to audio synthesis and managemet
  • Recording, editing, mixing and mastering of the CD Le strade del Natale, produced by Rotary Club Trento, L’Adige and F. A. Bonporti Conservatory
  • Seæ (electroacoustic music, stereo)
  • Life selected for the III Biennale d’Arte Contemporanea di Salerno
  • Recording, editing, MIDI programming and mixing for the full-length CD Tales of the Forest, by Servan
  • Performance of About a door @ MAE – Paesaggi sonori
  • Remastering of the full-length CD Woods by Sytyr
  • Life selected for the artistc program of the XXII CIM – Colloquio di Informatica Musicale
  • Performance of Life @ ElettroAQustica 2018
  • Life (generative, real-time multimedia artwork)
  • Realization of Life, autogenerative audiovisual work, based on a custom 3D version of J. H. Conway’s Game of Life
  • Mastering of the full-length CD DRF by Dark Forest
  • Performance of About a door @ Music Circus
  • Realization of S_II_R, autogenerative audiovisual work, inspired by Stockhausen’s Studie II
  • About a door (experimental electronic music, stereo)


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